Apr 8, 2014

Five Things You Can Do In Your First Trimester...

...to help you have a positive birth experience. 

1. Interview and meet a variety of birth practitioners. Midwives, obstetricians family practitioners: all of these are qualified to help you give birth. But they all have different philosophies and standards of care. Think about what you want your birth to be like and then see who's practice aligns with your views on birth.
2. Sign up for a non-hospital-based childbirth class. Check out local community centers, yoga studios, and mom & baby boutique stores for their latest listings. 
3. Talk with other moms who have given birth recently. Ask them what they would do differently and what they would do again now that they've been through it. 
4. Exercise daily. Studies show that the better physical shape you're in, the shorter your labor will be.  Walking for just 30 minutes counts! Keeping moving can also help turn your baby head down and facing the correct direction for birth. 
Yoga is great during pregnancy, even if you've never done it before. 
5. Interview and hire a birth Doula. Having a doula, a non-medical labor and birth support professional, has been shown in research to reduce labor times and rates of medical intervention. She can help you and your spouse physically and emotionally through labor, delivery and postpartum.